What is coaching?


Coaching is about improving your performance by supporting and developing you to maximise your potential. I do this by encouraging and empowering you to develop and achieve your goals, and by challenging you and your perceptions to enable you to discover how you can move forward, creating a clearer vision of your future and to become the best version of you that you can be.


What are the benefits of coaching?


Some of the benefits include:

  • an improvement in productivity and turnover

  • an improvement in your performance, enabling you to achieve your targets and goals

  • an increased ability to identify solutions to work and life related issues

  • the time and space to reflect, be honest and explore your own thinking in an encouraging and supportive environment enabling you to better envisage what the future looks like

  • an increased self-awareness, deeper understanding of your strengths and clarity of your personal values and how and why they motivate you

  • the opportunity to realise and choose what is the right path for you

Where is it best to be coached?


In an environment in which you feel comfortable and free from distractions. This could be your place of work, or an agreed mutual location. After an initial meeting I can also coach via Skype or telephone.


How frequent should the sessions be?


Every client is an individual and I cannot dictate what this is. After we meet for our initial session I will discuss with you what is best. Time is required between sessions for you go away and reflect, or put into action changes that you are going to make. For some clients this could be on a weekly basis, for others once a month is enough to allow time to pass to see positive changes occurring.













How long should the sessions be?


Once again this is dependent on you and your situation, but I appreciate that this can also be driven by the time that you have available. Whilst with most clients this is an hour, this is something that we can discuss during our initial consultation.


Why is there an initial free consultation?


The main aim of this session is to establish if we get on. For coaching to be successful, the relationship between you and me is at its heart. You need to feel relaxed and comfortable enough with me to be open and honest, but also feel confident enough that your thoughts, ideas and working practices can be challenged. This session also gives you the opportunity to ask me any burning questions that you may have, and also allows me to tell you how I coach and what is expected of both of us to make your coaching successful. 


What is the difference between coaching, counselling and therapy?

Coaching has its roots in therapy and counselling, and all require similar skills. Counselling and therapy tends to be focussed on issues that may have occurred in the past and people are unable to progress forward until they have either addressed these, or have an awareness of how they are affecting their performance in the present. Coaching is about looking to the future in a variety of ways; this could be around goal setting, exploiting your strengths and opportunities or unlocking your potential that for whatever reason has remained hidden. 












What are the ethics surrounding coaching?


The roles of codes of practice in coaching is vital for ensuring the professionalism, quality and integrity of the coaching, but mainly due to the absence of a universally adopted code of practice. I therefore sign up to the joint proclamation of ethics written by the two most influential bodies – the Association for Coaching and European Mentoring and Coaching Council. This allows me to present any client during our initial session with expectations of how they can expect me to act, behave and perform. 

More details can be found HERE.


So why choose Right Path Coaching?


Sometimes in business and in life there is a point where you know where you need to get to, but you are not quite sure how to get there. Obstacles are in the way that appear daunting and insurmountable, and the route to where you need to go is not clear. Then there are other times when you are at a crossroads or junction with a major life decision and do not know which way to go, or you know you need to move forward but are not quite sure which direction, where or how you are going to do this.

The aim of Right Path Coaching is to enable you to navigate this route to find what is the right path for you.

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